Managed Services for Every Budget

Contact us or review the comparison table below for detailed information on what features are included at each management tier.

FeaturesSelf ManagedBasic ManagedFully Managed
100% Power & Cooling Uptime✅✅✅
4 Hour Hardware Replacement✅✅✅
Adding IP to the server✅✅✅
Reboot Server✅✅✅
Basic Monitoring (VMTools / Ping)✅✅✅
Troubleshooting Network Issues✅✅✅
24/7 Onsite Personnel✅✅✅
Disaster Recovery Backups 🔼 ✅*✅*
24/7 Technical SupportHelpdesk/Email Support OnlyHelpdesk/Email Support OnlyHelpdesk/Email + Emergency Phone
Base OS Reinstalls🔼1 IncludedUnlimited Reinstalls
System/Server Administration Support🔼3 Basic Issues **
(Up to 2 Hours Total)
Unlimited Issues
Daily Backups / Snapshots1 Day (Snapshot Only)1 Day Included7 Days included
Managed Shared Firewall w/ IDS IPS protection✅✅✅
Advanced Server Monitoring (HTTP/SMTP/SQL Services)🔼🔼✅
Installation of Supported & 3rd Party Software
(Web Server / Database / Mail Server / Control Panel / Etc.)
Best-effort support on Unsupported Software/Application Configuration🔼🔼✅
Proactive Response To Service Outage🔼🔼✅
Log Analysis🔼🔼✅
Operating System Updates & Patches Application🔼✅✅
Server Security / Firewall / IPTables Management🔼🔼✅
On-Demand PCI Compliance Testing🔼🔼✅
On-Demand Antivirus Protection🔼🔼✅
On-Demand Server Security / Improvements Recommendations🔼🔼✅

The Fine Print

If you have questions about the different feature add-ons please reach out to our pre-sales team.

On-Demand Restore of VPS from Disaster Recovery Backups will be charged at $100 per incident for Basic Managed VPS (no charge for fully managed). In case restoration is required due to a host infrastructure issue, there will be no charges.

System/Server Administration Support will be limited to 3 Basic Issues per month (service billing cycle month) and/or up to a maximum of 2 hours – for any additional support, it will be available at $50/hr. Basic issues include standard software installation/configuration only (Included software/services in basic issues are SSL Certificate configuration, Mainstream Applications, and Databases – SQL Server / mySQL only).

Self-Managed services just include infrastructure + network. No support/advice is included. Any request that requires us to log in to your server will be charged at regular custom support rates ($50/hr).

We have limited knowledge of scripts/software code (our techs are experts at server & network management) and hence, these issues will be required to be addressed directly with the developer. In case of application-specific issues (like wordpress / sitefinity / umbraco / joomla / smartermail / exchange / etc.), we will provide best-effort support with regards to server configuration. However, if there are issues internal to the application, these will be required to be addressed directly with the vendor.

We reserve the right to charge support on per hourly basis if server issues have been caused due to customer misconfiguration and these will be considered outside of free support.

In case we find that the customer is abusing our managed support by requesting repeated changes / reloads / etc. causing an excessive amount of work, we reserve the right to charge for additional support under a custom support charge of $50/hr.